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Dass Sprache eine suggestive Kraft hat, weiß jeder, der sich schonmal bewusst auf eine geführte Meditation eingelassen hat oder beim letzten Einkauf ganz unbewusst dieses eine Müsli aus der Radiowerbung gekauft hat. Aus Worten entstehen innere Bilder und innere Bilder bestimmen unseren Fokus. The third and final thing that drew me to IFS was the notion that every human has a place in their system called the Self. This is a place some other practices refer to as mindfulness or presence and it is made up of calmness, curiosity, and compassion. I completed the training and began practicing as an Internal Family Systems Therapist and I have been working with clients using the principles of this modality for the past seven years. What I have learned is that we all indeed have a centered space within our system. One that is calm, compassionate, and curious. However, I want to take this concept further and tell you now, this place is also a place of happiness. Surrounded by various parts that react, feel, protect and guide us, there is a place that exists at all times and is always accessible. It is a place of love, peace, and presence. While I will refer to some IFS principles in this book in order to deepen your connection with happiness, know that I will also be taking from various other modalities and my own life experience to present to you something unique. There is not one way towards

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